Continuous development of the Company over the last few decades has been accompanied by constant improving and modernizing of the production process: from seeds’ supply to the farmers, agricultural trainings, cultivation control, harvest time and delivery, through cleaning, blanching, cutting, freezing, sorting, storing, packing to shipping.

The main objective of our agricultural policy is to keep the safety of products through their full traceability and control of the entire supply chain ”from field to plate”.

In care for quality of our deep-frozen food, we use the latest technologies and our team consists of the best fruits and vegetables purchasing experts and production specialists.

Our wide assortment includes more than 70 products, such as: fruits (strawberry, sour cherry, raspberry, plum, black currant, red currant, blueberry, aronia, gooseberry, elderberry, blackberry) and vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower, green and yellow bean, spinach, Brussels sprouts, leek, pepper, onion, courgette, kale, cabbage, rhubarb, fennel) and others.

We pack frozen vegetables, fruits, mixes, soups and ready meals in 400 g / 450 g, 2,5 kg packages under FROZANA brand or under our clients’ private label brands. We offer deep-frozen products in 1 kg or 2,5 kg foil bags and 10 kg carton boxes to food service partners. Products for wholesale and industrial clients are delivered in 10 kg cartons or in 20/25 kg bags.