Frozana offers a unique product – special selection of mixed frozen fruits in separate packets for preparing nutritious Smoothie.

Smoothie is a blended, chilled beverage based on fruits with juice, milk, yogurt or other ingredients.

Benefits of Frozana Smoothie:

  • high quality ingredients mixed in perfect proportions, without food preservatives, colorants and sugar;
  • healthy drink and a fruit meal at the same time – with large amounts of natural vitamins and minerals;
  • low-calorie and more natural that Smoothie made from concentrate;
  • time-saving – there’s no need to wash, peel and cut fruits!
  • easy and quick preparation due to convenient packaging that allows to prepare one portion of Smoothie;
  • no need to add ice;
  • ability to make your own flavour combinations;
  • available year-round;

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